Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Selecting the perfect wedding ring for your big day is important and with our expert advice, making the right decision is easy. At Temple and Grace, we believe in providing our customers with in-depth insight into wedding ring styles. Online or at our jewellery studio in London, you can select from hundreds of wedding rings. Our stunning wedding ring collection is made in 18K white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum 950.

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Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring Shape

Temple and Grace you have two different wedding ring shapes to select from. Visit our jewellery studio in London or browse this guide to learn more.

Classic Wedding Rings

Classic Wedding Rings

Rounded inside out, classic wedding rings have and will aways be in-vogue. Timeless in design, classic wedding rings can have a plain round wedding metal band or be studded with diamonds.

Curved Wedding Rings

Curved Wedding Rings

Get a twist for your big day with our gorgeous collection of curved shaped rings. Made in 18K gold or platinum 950, curved wedding rings are perfect for women who wear a curved engagement ring. Curved rings stack up beautifully with curved engagement rings and look stunning together.

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View UK’s finest collection of wedding jewellery. Here you can shop pretty earrings, beautiful bridal necklaces, lovely bracelets and stunning pendants. All Temple & Grace jewellery is handcrafted to perfection to make you look and feel great on your wedding day.

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Choosing the perfect Precious Metal

  • White Gold
    This is the large facet that you see at the very top and in the centre of the diamond. The size of the table varies and depends of the brilliance with which a diamond is cut. The table reflects the maximum light and hence plays an important role in the shine and sparkle of a diamond.

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  • Yellow Gold
    The crown is upper part of the diamond. Situated between the girdle and the table, the bezels in the crown also play an important role in the sparkle of a diamond. Star facets and bezel facets make up a diamonds crown.

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  • Rose Gold
    The star facets are located around the table of the diamond. These facets reflect the multitude of light to shine through in different directions in order to create a sparkling effect.

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  • Platinum
    The bezel facets are positioned next to the star facets. Here is an interesting fact - a round brilliant diamond has eight ‘kite’ shaped bezel facets that make the crown of the diamond.

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At Temple and Grace we lay immense emphasis on the cut of the diamond to ensure it offers the maximum sparkle and shine.
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